Head office:

Open joint-stock company "Rostov-on-Don Trust of Engineering and Construction Researches"

344002, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoarmeyskaya st., 142

CEO: Mrs.Koroleva Irina Viktorovna

Reception: +7(863)240-40-74

Order department: +7(863)240-40-28


347904, Taganrog, Frunze st., 92

The head of branch
Mr. Jashchuk Vsevolod Vasilyevich

The head of the topography and geodesy department:
Konovalova Valentina Ivanovna

Head of the London Dranch:

Galiy Ilona
tel. (00-44-0)7500-3703-70

Chairman of Advisory Board, Head of the Representation fort North and South America:

Mr.Gilman Leonid
tel.+(01-239) 216-22-44

We carry out

The Trust carries out engineering researches for all kinds of building:

Engineering-geodetic researches

  • Creation (development) of basic geodetic networks, planned networks 4th degree and networks of a condensation of 1 and 2 categories, leveling networks of a special purpose for building;
  • Creation of according to plan-high-rise film-making geodetic networks;
  • Topographical shooting of a special purpose in scales 1:5000-1:200, including shooting of underground and land constructions;
  • Updating of topographical (engineering-topographical) plans of a special purpose in scales 1:5000 — 1:200 and cadastral plans in graphic, digital, photographic forms;
  • Engineering-hydrographic works;
  • The geodetic works connected with carrying over to nature and a binding of mountain developments, geophysical and other points of engineering researches;
  • Geodetic stationary supervision over deformations of the bases of buildings and constructions, a terrestrial surface and thickness of rocks, including at performance of local monitoring for dangerous natural and techno-natural processes;
  • Laboratory and field tracing of objects of linear building;
  • Geodetic works at installation of equipment, adjustment crane runways and check of vertical position of columns, constructions and their elements;
  • Geodetic definition in fact of the latent underground constructions at repair and other works.

Engineering-geological researches

  • Drifting of mountain developments:
    • Chinks
    • Prospecting shafts
    • Ditches
  • Geophysical researches:
    • Electro-investigation
    • Detection of a specific electro-resistance of soil
  • Field researches of soil
    • Test by vertical static loadings (stamp)
    • Test by pressiometr
    • Test for a cut
    • Static and dynamic sounding
    • Research of natural piles
  • Hydro-geological researches:
    • The express-pumping from chinks
    • Sectional and skilled pumping out from chinks
    • Fillings, forcings in chinks, fillings in prospect holes
    • Field geophysical and display methods
  • Stationary supervision:
    • The hydroregime
    • Ecological monitoring
  • Laboratory researches of structure and properties of soil and a chemical compound of underground and a surface water:
    • Research of physical properties
    • Research of mechanical properties
  • Research of soil of the bases of existing buildings and constructions

Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys

  • Research of frost regime of soil adn characteristics of the snow mantle (fort the land).
  • Specifying of design hydrological and (or) meteorological performance.

Engineering-ecological surveys

  • Drifting of mining outputs:
    • Chinks
    • Prospect holes
    • Ditches
  • Laboratory chemical-analytical researches
  • Gas-geochemical researches
  • Ekological-hydro-geological researches
  • Stationary supervision (ecological monitoring)


    By crossing active geodynamic zones surface and underground engineering objects, the latter are quickly abraded, deformed with further destruction.

    By now, thousands of buildings have been researched having undergone processes of underflooding and destructions due to the influence of geodynamic zones. The method of geodynamic researches, being widely used by our specialists to solve practical tasks, is up to the modern requirements of the exact determination of active geodynamic zones.

    The main principle of complexion of methods is a system approach.

    Following the principle of the system approach by solving different tasks, interconnected, complementary methods and technical facilities of registration condition and changes of rock mass at different levels are selected.

    Name of works and contents of work stages Reporting documents
    Stage 1. Analysis and collection of materials
    1.1 Registering contractual relationships between the participants of work.
    1.2 Primary analysis of archival, stock materials. Data analysis of previous researches. Preliminary estimate of ecological aspects of risks.
    1.3 Drawing-up a plan of carrying out fieldworks.
    Contract and budget
    Analysis report
    Stage 2. As-built geodetic survey
    2.1 Setting up benchmarks of geodetic survey.
    2.2 Field geodetic survey.
    2.3 Providing with topographic base of a given area.
    Topographic map
    Stage 3. Holding reconnaissance geophysical researches
    3.1 Holding primary investigation.
    3.2 Splitting profiles of geophysical explorations.
    3.3 Organizing complex of geophysical methods.
    3.4 Determining regional geodynamic situation.
    3.5 Interpreting and computer data processing.
    Preliminary conclusion
    Stage 4. Holding detail geophysical researches
    4.1 Organizing complex of geophysical methods with dense network of observation.
    4.2 Computer processing of obtained data.
    4.3 Making the map of engineering-geodynamic zonality of a research area.
    4.4 Setting up confirmatory and technical boreholes.
    4.5 Providing with conclusions and recommendations.
    Report with the application of engineering-geodynamic zonality
    Stage 5. Secure geodetic observations
    5.1 Structure of geodynamic polygon.
    5.2 Organizing of secure geodetic observations.
    5.3 Computer processing of data.
    5.4 Providing with conclusions and recommendations.
    Stage 6. Engineering-geological researches
    6.1 Drilling holes taking into account mapped "risk zones" with sampling of soil for physic-mathematical tests.
    6.2 Laboratory researches of strengthening and physic-mathematical properties of soil.
    6.3 Building geological sections and determining calculated physic-mathematical properties of soil.
    6.4 Providing with conclusions and recommendations.
    Stage 7. Developing projects of object construction
    7.1 Project of object construction outside ""risk zone".
    7.2 Developing projects of object construction inside "risk zones" with strengthening its foundation.
    7.3 Developing projects of consolidation of hydro-technical buildings with geotextile.
    7.4 Developing antifiltering constructions.
    Stage 8. Issues of further cooperation
    8.1 Discussing recommendations and organizing works on preventing negative geological activities.
    8.2 Discussing the issue of organizing secure geologic-geophysical observations.
    8.3 Transferring projected for construction objects to more favorable areas.
    Contractual documentation for carrying out further works

    Methods and procedure of carrying out work are universal. However the state estimate of a modern geodynamic condition of rock mass is made on a case-by-case basis, because this state is specified by concrete mining-geological peculiarities and physic-mechanical features of rocks.

    Budgetary estimate is made up under current legislation, regulations and rules.

    Developed requirements specifications and budget for carrying out works is submitted with a customer enterprise.

    Technique of detecting and mapping tectonic structures and geodynamic zones by complex of geological-geophysical methods can be used at all stages of engineering-geological researches:

  • Feasibility study
  • Working draft
  • Working documentation
  • During geological prospecting works
  • At the stages of object exploitation and reconstruction
  • In case of interpreting data of complex researches:

  • Determining existence, location and geological nature of the objects, that gave rise to anomalies of geodynamic nature in the structure of geophysical fields;
  • Estimating the influence of revealed structures (geodynamic zones) on buildings, plant facilities and civil works; dirt dikes; pit edges, natural slopes, bulk-oil reservoirs of oil pump station, trunk oil, gas pipelines, delivery ducts, and also developing anthropogenic and environmental security measures.


    Trust uses technology of examining truck pipes and objects of infrastructure that lies in geological-geophysical monitoring of revealing potentially dangerous areas of trunks, being exposed with geodynamic influence. Pipes in these areas have increased wear and tear, and in the conditions of long-run exploitation risk of emergency situation is higher.

    Research data is oriented on mapping tectonic disturbances and geodynamic zones, where at the boarder of zones with different properties of ground soil axial tension in a pipeline rises. By activating geodynamic processes in these areas loads leading to gaps and break of pipe integrity increase.

    Exploited pipelines cross numerous ravine-beam systems. Along influence of these structures clear increase of geological-dynamic processes is seen: erosion, denudation, and in separate cases piping subsidence and gravitational phenomena - landslips. By crossing erosive forms of relief bends of pipelines form in vertical surface at short distances. Small areas of aggravate tension always present in the bends of pipelines: at the edges of slopes - bends and strains. By increasing of geodynamic tensions and outer influences in such areas, loads stimulating break of tightness and integrity of pipes can locally increase.

    We offer to use this technology in trunk pipelines of Russia, Ukraine and the abroad, that will make it possible in advance:

  • Determine potentially emergency-dangerous areas in pipelines;
  • Find active geodynamic zones and tectonic disturbances;
  • Discover hidden cracks of soil separation and the surface of sliding of soil masses in the slop areas during pipe lying and exploitation of pipes;
  • Install areas of development of corrosion processes.
  • Integrating of the technology will make it possible to improve exploitation security of truck pipelines and save considerable means due to selective repair of pre-emergency areas.

    Use of this technology during engineering highways of future pipelines will make it possible to avoid considerable means when constructing system of diagnostics.


    Open Joint Stock Company Rostov-on-Don Trust of Engineering and Construction Researches is holding measures for increasing throughput and technical security of main lines.

    Technical and environmental operating security of railroads and motorways is mainly determined with geodynamic condition of rock mass of a foundation structure. Geodynamic structures are characterized with sharp change of properties of rocks, intensive state and hydro geological conditions. Within the limits of these structures maximum in terms of soil deformations vibrations of subterranean waters occur. Unfavorable combination of natural and anthropogenic factors leads to disastrous environmental-economic consequences. In the areas of crossing railway structures with geodynamic areas of subsidence and swelling occurs and breaks the parallelism of rails.

    We offer complex of measures that includes:

  • primary examination of permanent way of division for the purpose of finding existing and potentially dangerous areas;
  • organizing of geophysical researches with the purpose of finding reasons and places of loosing firmness (deformation, damages, destructions) and providing with recommendations for its liquidation;
  • ranking areas according to the degree of danger, selection of the area for first-priority repair;
  • development of the project for liquidation of detected violations.
  • If necessary we can execute constructing-restorative works on developed projects. For solving these tasks specialists of the enterprise develop and effectively use new technology of geologic-geophysical researches with the use of hardware-in-the-loop complex.

    The use of this technology allows to avoid "sudden" incidents and catastrophes owing to the influence of geological environment to increase anthropogenic and environmental operating security of railway lines and motorways and save considerable means due to selective repair of pre-emergency areas.

    We together with foreign specialists have developed new technologies on studying geodynamic situation. New methods of researches on geodynamic mapping are effectively introduced in the objects of the near abroad, including main lines of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine.


  • Drifting of mining outputs:
    • Chinks
    • Prospect holes
  • Skilled field works
  • Laboratory researches of tests of soil construction materials:
    • Research of physical properties
    • Research of mechanical properties

Researches of sources of water supply on the basis of underground waters

  • Drifting of mining outputs:
    • Chinks
    • Prospect holes
  • Skilled-filtrational works
  • Stationary supervision:
    • The hydroregime
    • Ecological monitoring
  • Laboratory researches of structure and sanitary condition of underground waters
  • Hydro-geological inspection of zones of sanitary protection of water fences.


  • Carries out all kinds of laboratory works for building;
  • Defines chemical structure of water.

Special information

  • We realize searches and investigation of deposits brick, tile, sand and gravel for building of solutions and concrete;
  • Searches and investigation of waters for water supply;
  • The Trust also executes works on survey and designing of access highways, the airports and airdromes.
  • technical inventory, the account and certification of inhabited and uninhabited objects without dependence from patterns of ownership and a legal accessory;
  • statement of capital construction objects on the technical account in territorial departments of Rosreestr across the Rostov region;
  • technical inventory and certification of linear objects gas pipelines, waterpipes, cable and electrolines, objects of an accomplishment, railway and highways;
  • technical inventory and certification of industrial - technological, thermal, electronetwork complexes;
  • technical inventory and certification of hydraulic engineering constructions (irrigating systems, ponds, constructions river, seaports, берегоукрепительных constructions, quays etc.);
  • technical inventory and certification of objects of telecommunications agencies, transport (air, railway, automobile, etc.).

Besides the enterprise on the basis of licenses carries out estimated, registration activity, and also inventory of all categories of land.


The Trust is the keeper of regional archive of materials of surveys which were collected more than for 40 years.

The group of ordering and generalization of datas of surveys of last years, existing in Trust can give you the inquiry on an engineering-geological level of scrutiny of any area of the Rostov region.

If the structure designed by you is located in researching area, the engineering-geological conclusion can be issued you in week term without production of field work. It will save means and time.