About the company

Head office:

Open joint-stock company "Rostov-on-Don Trust of Engineering and Construction Researches"

344002, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoarmeyskaya st., 142

CEO: Mrs.Koroleva Irina Viktorovna

Reception: +7(863)240-40-74
e-mail: info@rostovdontisiz.ru
website: www.rostovdontisiz.ru

Order department: +7(863)240-40-28


347904, Taganrog, Frunze st., 92

The head of branch
Mr. Jashchuk Vsevolod Vasilyevich

The head of the topography and geodesy department:
Konovalova Valentina Ivanovna

Head of the London Dranch:

Galiy Ilona
tel. (00-44-0)7500-3703-70
e-mail: igaliy@hotmail.com

Chairman of Advisory Board, Head of the Representation fort North and South America:

Mr.Gilman Leonid
tel.+(01-239) 216-22-44

Company ideology:

«Time-tested reliability»

About the company

Open joint-stock company "Rostov-on-Don Trust of Engineering and Construction Researches" is founded in 1969. More than 40 years it is the base territorial centre of engineering researches across the Rostov region. For these years our experts have collected and compressed unique material about the geounderlying cause of all region.

The largest companies of the country work with us: "The Rostov Nuclear Power Station", "The Base Element", "IKEA","The Taganrog Aviation Factory", "Olimpstroj","The Azov Seaport","The Rostov Airport" and many others.

We carry out all complex of engineering researches in building of buildings and constructions I and II levels of responsibility:

  • Engineering-geodetic researches;
  • Engineering-geological researches;
  • Engineering-hydrometeorological researches;
  • Researches of soil construction materials;
  • Researches of sources of water supply on the basis of underground waters;
  • Geological and geophysical researches of geodynamic state of rock mass;
  • Geological-geophysical monitoring of truck pipelines;
  • Geodynamic inspection of main lines;
  • technical inventory, the account and certification of inhabited and uninhabited objects without dependence from patterns of ownership and a legal accessory;
  • statement of capital construction objects on the technical account in territorial departments of Rosreestr across the Rostov region;
  • technical inventory and certification of linear objects gas pipelines, waterpipes, cable and electrolines, objects of an accomplishment, railway and highways;
  • technical inventory and certification of industrial - technological, thermal, electronetwork complexes;
  • technical inventory and certification of hydraulic engineering constructions (irrigating systems, ponds, constructions river, seaports, constructions, quays etc.);
  • technical inventory and certification of objects of telecommunications agencies, transport (air, railway, automobile, etc.).

Besides the enterprise on the basis of licenses carries out estimated, registration activity, and also inventory of all categories of land.

The organization is the holder of the State fund of complex engineering surveys, databanks about a level of scrutiny of an environment in the given territory, develops close connection and commonwealth with scientific and design organizations of Russia, it is the member of the Association "Russian association "Strojizyskanija" and noncommercial partnership "Prospectors of the Rostov region and the North Caucasus".

Trust has in stock the modern special equipment:

  • We have following equipment for engineering-geodetic works:
    • satellite navigating system GLONASS/GPS;
    • high-precision electronic tachometers;
    • theodolites;
    • high-precision, exact and technical levels;
    • grade rods (RN 05, RN 3) and other geodetic equipment;
    • georadars;
    • geoscanners
    Drilling rigs, transportation and modern laboratory complexes are located on the territories of own production bases in Rostov-on-Don (S=10.000 m2) and Taganrog (S = 5.000 m2).

    For processing of results of researches the company has computer facilities and office equipment. All laboratory works are carried out using software products:
    • CREDO topoplan
    • Object LAND
    • AutoCAD
    • CADGEO
    • Digitals
  • For performance of engineeting-geological works there are mechanized drill plants (PBU-1, PBU-2, UGB50m, URB-2.5) on the basis of vehicles KAMAZ, ZIL 131 and all complex of necessary equipment and the labware.


The trust has licenses for all kinds of works on land and engineering-geological researches.

  • B 295189 Head Department of Federal Agency of Safety on realization of works with use of the data making the state secret.
  • UZhG 01384G Federal agency of a geodesy and cartography on realization of geodetic activity.
  • UZhG 01385 Federal agency of a geodesy and cartography on realization of cartographical activity.
  • PM-29-000924 Federal Agency of Ecological and Nuclear Supervision on execution of mine surveying works.
  • It is a member of noncommercial partnership "Prospectors of the Rostov region and the North Caucasus".